Golden Rules for LapBand

As a True Results patient, I strive to follow the


1) Eat three or less small meals per day
2) Do not eat anything between meals
3) Eat slowly and stop when no longer hungry
4) Focus on nutritious foods
5) Avoid calorie-containing liquids
6) Exercise for at least 30 minutes each day
7) Be active throughout each day
8) Always keep in contact with True Results

As time goes on I will keep you updated on how well I can follow each rule. Between you and me, I'm worried about #2, 6, and 7!! Time will tell!

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  1. UDPATE AUGUST 2013:
    #2 is a joke! There is no way I can survive on just three meals a day. I eat a small snack (like a Babybel cheese) once a day. Twice a day if it's THAT kind of a day.
    #6-- I stretch this one out. Instead of 30 minutes daily, I exercise 60 minutes 5 days a week.
    #7- no problem. I've got a lot more stamina now. I don't need naps like I used to (65 lbs ago).