Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Had a Fill Today

During a check up with my surgery center today, we decided I was in the 'Yellow Zone' (getting hungry between meals/eating larger portions) so I got 0.2ccs added to my band. Which makes a total of 6.4cc in my 10cc-capacity band. I really hope this helps with hunger cravings. I know I've got to work on the psychological part also, and not give in to emotional eating or stressful eating.

Todays meals...brought to you by Unjury!!

So today I'll be doing liquids, tomorrow will progress to 'smoothies' (soft foods) and then progress to regular foods by Friday.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

What's In My Fridge?

So today Lap Band Gal ( posted a challenge for us to open our refrigerators for the world to see! Here goes mine:


Some things include eggs, my protein drink, my son's chocolate milk, apples, mozzarella bites, my son's frappucinos, beets, lots of other cheeses in the drawer, a jar of tomato sauce (I don't put it on pasta anymore; I use it on my meatballs or chicken), my son's yogurt smoothies, various proteins (pork, chicken,beef, and uncured Angus beef hotdogs), and a veggie tray.
And here are some other items that I snack on: These FiberOne brownies keep me, er, "moving", protein bars, nuts, and I love me some Babybel mini cheeses.
What you will NOT see: bread, pasta, chips, ice cream, cookies. I simply cannot have them in the house because I know myself: I will start with one, and I will fall off the wagon.
I look forward to peering into other bloggers' refrigerators and pantries! What do you eat?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Weigh-In

It has been 14 weeks since my surgery. I have lost 43.5 pounds! This is beyond my expectations. I am so excited!

Some Non-Scale Victories this week:
  •   My son brought home a school shirt for me, size L. I thought, "oh, poor sweet thing, I'll never fit into that!" But it fits great!! Cannot believe it!
  •   I used to wear size 3X scrubs. I bought new scrubs, size XL, and they fit nicely!!
  •   My productivity has increased, because I no longer have to nap frequently! I get so much done around the house now!
  •   I cannot believe how much easier it is to paint my toenails. I used to have to hold my breath to reach the toes. (How embarrassing would it be to pass out while giving yourself a pedicure!? ) But not anymore!! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Did Someone Say, "Candy Corn"?!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! If I can't eat candy corn, you can be darn sure I'll wear it! I'm loving my new nail polish strips from Sally Hansen. Tip: I painted my nails white first, to support the white base color of this strip. I also cover with a clear coat, to increase wearing time.

Prices range from $7 - 10. I've seen them at all major retailers.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Musings...

  • I enjoy seeing my new silhouette in the mirror!
  • I really liked HERE COMES THE BOOM with Kevin James. I usually don't like his movies, but this one was refreshingly funny, touching, inspirational.
  • Another advantage of my new lifestyle is that my son is eating better and moving more too. He eats less junk food (simply because it is not in the house), less soda (ditto), and he goes to the gym with me. I would like him to learn this lifestyle now, rather than when he's 40!
  • I can't wait until November, because the new James Bond movie comes out (Skyfall). I heart Daniel Craig.
  • Just watched an episode of Extreme Couponers (TLC). I want to save 97% on my grocery bill also, but I don't want to convert my spare room into a dry goods store! Honestly,  I would love to save that kind of money, but I cannot fathom having to store 80 Old Spice deodorants and 50lbs of rice.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Weigh-In

Yay! The weight loss continues! Only a pound this week, but still on the downward trend.
I am so excited, because I know that One-derland is right around the corner (when I weigh in the 100's). I figure I'll get to One-derland around Thanksgiving.
I love these Gordon Skillet Crisp Tallapia. Easy to make, 200kcal, 12g protein. And delicious! they have garlic & herb or lemon & herb. Each fillet is a perfect portion size for me.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Weigh-In

Yay! Still losing! So proud to say "I'm a Loser!"  I had a check-up at True Results (my surgery center) this week, and they added 0.2cc to the band because I was feeling hungry every three hours. It's too soon to tell if it helps my satiety, because I'm just progressing to solid foods today. So I'm very excited to see how the next few weeks go. If my hunger is controlled better, then I won't need little snacks every three hours, and I can consume less calories.

Friday, October 5, 2012