Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Weigh-In

    Luvin' my new restriction!! I lost 4 pounds this past week! Go me!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1)  Check out Lap Band Gal's blog to enter a giveaway for a cool workout shirt! Just because we workout doesn't mean we have to look bad doing it.   Click on and check out her post from August 28. Hurry, contest ends September 4.
2) OMG I am luvin' my new restriction!! (Got my first fill last week.) I can go about 5 hours without feeling ANY HUNGER AT ALL. That just amazes me. My calorie count before the restriction was averaging 800 - 1000 kcals, now I am able to consume just 600 - 800 kcals, simply because I snack less between meals.
3) Good-bye inches. I have lost about 2 inches on my chest, 2 on my upper arms, 2 inches at my waist, and 2 at my hips. It's no wonder my clothes are feeling VERY LOOSE.
4) Is it my imagination, or do my feet feel smaller too? I swear, all of my shoes seem looser than usual.
5) Am having my son's 13th Birthday celebration at a local waterpark this year. Hope my bathing suit fits!! I already embarrass him simply by being in the same zip code; I'd hate to think what a wardrobe malfunction would do to his psyche!!
6)  I am so grateful for all the support from my family, friends, and the blogosphere. Very encouraging, indeed.
7) Do I miss carbs? HELL YEAH. But I know what carbs do to me. They turn on the "FluffyGauge" in my brain which make me eat more carbs and store these as fat for the upcoming apocalypse. So I stay away from carbs. Check out the cute 'INFOGRAPHIC' behind this science on Pasta, not bacon, makes you fat. But How? 
8) I am surprised by how much more energy I have and how much less arthritic (joint) pain I have, after just 25 lb weight loss. I thought I wouldn't see these effects until a much more significant weight loss.
9) I also notice many little 'baby hairs' around my forehead that I haven't had since pregnancy. These are usually attributed to a shift in hormones (that's why new moms get them), and they started growing around the time I had surgery. Hmmm interesting.
10) Looking forward to my weigh-in tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

No Mas Pantalones...

   My friend had the surgery one month before me. She came to me the other day, laughing, saying, "you know you've lost weight when your underwear falls down!"   She has experienced an amazing 70+ LB weight loss in two months, and apparently, Pantie Loss is a side effect. LMFAO!

*photo courtesy of

Friday, August 24, 2012


                                  Yay!  Down 24.5 LBS in five weeks!! Very excited!!

    I was given a Lunch Kit by True Results during my first fill yesterday. Here are some useful items. The little timer is to help me count one minute between bites.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My First Fill

    So Thursday was my first fill, and it went great! I met Allison, a physician's assistant, and she found my port easily and I only felt a tiny sting. I've been on liquids all day since, will progress to solids tomorrow as tolerated. I'm looking forward to my new restriction, and not feeling hungry every 3 hours.
    Always on the lookout for good-tasting protein bars, I found these cookies in my local grocery and I LOVE THEM. I am going to their website to order a whole box of these chewy delights. 
    Well, it's midnight-oh thirty, and I must get some sleep so the Weightloss Fairy can come and remove a few ounces before my weigh-in in a few hours!!   

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Weigh-In!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

  •     Incisions are all closed. I had a co-worker remove a stray suture. They don't even itch anymore!
  •     I can't palpate my port. I guess it's buried under too much fat.  :-) 
  •     First fill scheduled for 8/23. Looking forward to it. Currently, I get hungry about every 3 hours.
  •     I am doing much better about small bites and waiting 1 minute between bites.
  •     After forty years of cleaning my plate, it just seems so weird to have leftovers!
  •     Am officially signed up for the Dirty Girl Mud Run 12/1/12 in San Antonio.
  •     Looking foward to Expendables 2 this weekend. Get me some Statham!
  •     T-minus-eleven days until my son goes back to school. 8th grade!
  •     Looking forward to my weigh-in tomorrow.
  •     Am growing out my hair. I've kept it supershort for about 15 years.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Weigh-In Friday


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

  • Back to school shopping: thank you, Old Navy, for $8 polos!
  • Catch myself trying to eat too quickly. Must remember 1 minute between bites.
  • Catch myself trying to take larger bites. Must remember dice-sized bites.
  • Clothes feeling loose. Looking forward to Friday Weigh-In.
  • Incisions are healing nicely. Still a little itchy.
  • Loved the Dallas finale last night on TNT. But have to wait until JANUARY for next season?! :-(
  • Thinking of doing the Dirty Girl Mud Run in San Antonio December 1.

  • Looking forward to new season of Boardwalk Empire 9/16.
  • First fill scheduled 8/23.
  • Fiber One bars should be re-named EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA BARS. Too much fiber, apparently, for this gal.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Honeymoon is Over....

    So the initial pre-op 'honeymoon' phase is over. It's been two weeks since my surgery. The Hunger has returned, I have no restriction (first fill scheduled 8/23/12), and post-op swelling has definitely subsided. So I must rely on Pure Willpower to eat small portions of the right foods.
    But I can do this. Each day, each meal, each workout,  is a step in the right direction. I give myself a pat on the back for small successes ("Yay, you didn't touch any of that cheesecake in the breakroom!") and I don't beat myself up over the mistakes ("Hey, you are eating too fast!!")
     At 15.5 pounds down, I feel better and my clothes aren't as tight. My activity at the gym is paying off too-- I have less joint pain and more stamina. I am glad my arthritic pain is resolving, because I would normally take naproxen (Aleve) everyday, and I'm trying to avoid NSAIDs now due to possibility of stomach ulcers. The last thing I need with a band around my stomach is an ulcer or erosion of the lining!!
    I did splurge on movie popcorn last night while watching Total Recall. But hey, it's my 42nd birthday! And I deserve a little Colin Farrell and salty snack!