Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch

Our tiny local group of banded sistas met today again for lunch. The quartet became a trio, because Ashlee couldn't make it. We had a blast talking about our challenges and successes with the LapBand.
Karen (Banded in Texas), Valerie, and Z (From Fabulous to Fit)
BlogLand is great, but there's nothing quite like meeting in person and discussing food, exercise, stress, family, work, and everything in between. I encourage everyone to seek out local support if it's available.


  1. What a great pic to end a great lunch!see ya next month!

  2. Cool pic! I love meeting with other banders...instant connection!

  3. Love it!!! I really love meeting up with the AZ girls :)

  4. I honestly don't know anyone else in my area who is banded. How did you happen across 3 other bandsters?