Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fell Off The Wagon....

    Wow, these past couple weeks have been so stressful at work. I REALLY REALLY wish I was one of those girls who JUST CAN'T EAT when they're stressed. But my reaction is the opposite: I eat everything in sight. Each night I tell myself I'll do better 'tomorrow', then tomorrow comes and I fall off the wagon again. I've been eating too much, too often, too many carbs, too much sweet tea (one waitress called it "the wine of the South" LOL). And I can't begin to tell you when my last trip to the gym was.
    But it all ended this AM. I woke up, put on my Big Girl Panties, and just took each hour at a time. I ate small portions, concentrated on proteins, small bites, chewed thoroughly, and 'whew'-- made it through the whole day without regret!!  Tomorrow I will wake, go to the gym, and continue to follow the plan.
   I've got all the tools. I know what I need to do to lose weight. I.GOT. THIS.
   Thank for reading, and thanks for your support.


  1. I think that everyone except maybe lapbandgal struggles with their band. I thought my journey would be like hers...all rainbows and sunshine...but in reality, it is a battle of constant battle of restarts you DO have this. And sweet tea is the devil.

  2. I have heard the phrase "Southern Table Wine" before also...

    But yeah, I think this is always an uphill battle for most of us. But we're going to do it!

  3. Well I reckon its a lifestyle change, so at sometime or other we are all going to have "blips".... no probs, its allowed and expected - keep on with journey - fantastic! xx

  4. Sometimes that wagon ride is extra bumpy. I know all about that. :p Glad to see you back on a DO have've done so well...such an inspiration for me!

  5. You can do it! I'm so impressed with bloggers such as you. You've come so far, and you give me hope that I can too, even though I know it's not easy!