Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Honeymoon is Over....

    So the initial pre-op 'honeymoon' phase is over. It's been two weeks since my surgery. The Hunger has returned, I have no restriction (first fill scheduled 8/23/12), and post-op swelling has definitely subsided. So I must rely on Pure Willpower to eat small portions of the right foods.
    But I can do this. Each day, each meal, each workout,  is a step in the right direction. I give myself a pat on the back for small successes ("Yay, you didn't touch any of that cheesecake in the breakroom!") and I don't beat myself up over the mistakes ("Hey, you are eating too fast!!")
     At 15.5 pounds down, I feel better and my clothes aren't as tight. My activity at the gym is paying off too-- I have less joint pain and more stamina. I am glad my arthritic pain is resolving, because I would normally take naproxen (Aleve) everyday, and I'm trying to avoid NSAIDs now due to possibility of stomach ulcers. The last thing I need with a band around my stomach is an ulcer or erosion of the lining!!
    I did splurge on movie popcorn last night while watching Total Recall. But hey, it's my 42nd birthday! And I deserve a little Colin Farrell and salty snack!



  1. yea, that will pure will power phase is crazy. i gained 3lbs of the 19lbs i lost. but i have faith you WILL do this! you WILL conquer this! HANG IN THERE AND KEEP UP THE SMALL VICTORIES!!

  2. Happy birthday. Time will tick quickly to that first fill. Don't worry, we all go through it.

  3. Bandster Hell ... you're in it. You'll survive, I promise!

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Thanks for all the support, gals!!

  5. Happy Birthday.