Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Weigh-In

...or How to Lose 32 Pounds in Eight Weeks!
  1.     Get the LapBand inserted
  2.     Eat only when hungry (not just because it's 'lunchtime')
  3.     Eat 1/2 cup portions (that's your entire meal!)
  4.     Wait one minute between swallows.
  5.     Wait one minute after a bite before drinking, too.
  6.      Eat mainly proteins. Then vegetables if you're still hungry.
  7.     Stop eating when you're not hungry.
  8.     Try to consume as few carbs as possible. Avoid bread, pasta, cereals, sugar.
  9.     Eat solid foods that you have to chew. No soups. No ice cream.
  10.     Exercise at least three times a week. Start light and progress until you're out of breath.
  11.     Don't beat yourself up if you break one of the rules above. Dust yourself off.
  12.     Remember the goal. Weight loss for a healthy body.
  13.     Fight those demons. You're fighting for your life, literally.
  14.     Keep scheduled follow-ups with your surgeon/weight loss team.
  15.     Contact your surgeon/weight loss team if something doesn't 'feel right'.


  1. looks great! Your doing awesome. My doc doesn't have us drink anything until 1 hour after we eat....doctors orders are each different!

    1. Thanks! I agree-- many of the docs instructions differ, but each has their own experiences and reasons.