Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's My Party...I'll Cry If I Want To!!

   This week I've decided to throw a party.... A PITY PARTY!!
  My biggest source of stress is my career. My job ended at the facility where I've been since 2006 (contract ended). So I've accepted a new position in a different hospital, but it doesn't start until March 4. So I'm 'between jobs' for two weeks. The glass-half-full girl in me is excited about all the things I can get done during this time.
   The pessimist in me is absolutely *spastic* about being out of work. It's scary. My body really speaks to me during times of stress. My periods have been erratic in the past six weeks (spotting on/off every two weeks, no 'real' menstruation). I've had TWO COLD SORES in this time. My fingernails, which are usually strong and long, are chipped and at varying lengths. My insomnia is ridiculous. My regularity is anything but (butt?).
   Pre-band, during times of stress, I would have eaten my sorrows. It's very tempting, and I have been 'cheating' a lot lately, but not to the degree that I used to. I know that I would have gained a lot of weight.  But the New Me just cannot allow that to happen.
   I had an aftercare appointment today at the surgeon's office. And I asked for and received a 'fill'. I got 0.3cc added, for a total of 6.7cc in my band. I'm on liquids today, progressing to regular foods tomorrow.
   I am determined to survive this stressful period. And I will use my LapBand as the tool it is intended, to control my hunger.
   Thank you for coming to my party!


  1. I will come to your party whenever you have one! Things are going to work out! See this next to weeks as a vacation and a new beginning! It is going to be a great adventure!

  2. I agree, you should try and enjoy these two weeks and kick you pessimist side in the butt ;) I am with you on stress eating. I am a bit scared about how I will cope with my finals this semester since I will be trying to not fall off the wagon again. I am getting back on track after 3 weeks of cheating like mad and watching the scale rise each day. You are doing so great this will just be a tiny bump in the road.

  3. I would try to use these two weeks to stock up your freezer for lunches at your new job. And get that exercise in to help relieve the got another job so relax and concentrate on losing the weight!

  4. Good luck! My best advice is stay busy. Enjoy your time off as much as you can.

  5. Thanks, Everyone, for your support and encouragement!!