Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

Thanks to LauraBelle @ Beer, Dogs, and Getting Healthier, for giving us TTT!

1) My two weeks off are coming to an end. My new job starts Monday. I have been staying fairly busy...the house has never been cleaner! My son has enjoyed having a stay-at-home mom, because he has less chores!!

2) It's difficult to be at home all the time, because I tend to eat more (less prying eyes!) I have been doing my best.

3) My new fave snack = carrots with hummus. Mmmmmm. I love trying different 'flavored' hummus: garlic, Tuscan, Asian.

4) I want to see the new movie Stoker which comes out tomorrow, but it must be limited release, because I can't seem to find it at any local theaters. It stars Mia Wasikowska and Nicole Kidman.

5) I am proud to say that I have been exercising a lot more since off work. I have exercised six days each week, an hour each day.

6) I told a long-distance friend today about my LapBand surgery, and I had to hear yet another story of a friend of a friend who had bariatric surgery and nearly died with complications. I wish I had a dime for everytime I've heard this since considering my options. Good Heavens. When people tell me they are thinking of buying a new car, I don't tell them about my neighbors' boy who died in a head on collision in a similar car. When people tell me they are going to the beach, I don't tell them about my cousin's friend who was bitten by a shark.

7) Next week we should hear if my son got accepted into a 'magnet' school he applied to. It's a public (free) high school with a specialized curriculum (technology). I've got my fingers crossed for him.

8) Losing the first fifty pounds (50% of my excess weight) seemed SO MUCH EASIER than this last fifty! I really have to work for every ounce of weight loss.

9) I am still searching for a bra to fit. I have to order online because I have a small band size and a large cup. I have just sent the third one back to exchange for another. I wish I lived near Livi Rae, the Double Diva girls!! I just love their show on Lifetime!

10) I hope everyone had a great week! 


  1. I also want to see Stoker but I don't think it will be shown in Iceland as I can't find it in any of the upcoming movie lists, which is a total bummer.

  2. #6 cracked me up..damn busy bodies!

  3. Bra shopping is such a pain! I went in to Victoria's Secret last week and a teenager did my bra fitting over my clothes (which I'm sure is a super accurate measurement). Then announced that they only sell my size online. Bra-less has never sounded so good.