Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Had a Fill Today

During a check up with my surgery center today, we decided I was in the 'Yellow Zone' (getting hungry between meals/eating larger portions) so I got 0.2ccs added to my band. Which makes a total of 6.4cc in my 10cc-capacity band. I really hope this helps with hunger cravings. I know I've got to work on the psychological part also, and not give in to emotional eating or stressful eating.

Todays meals...brought to you by Unjury!!

So today I'll be doing liquids, tomorrow will progress to 'smoothies' (soft foods) and then progress to regular foods by Friday.


  1. added motivation to stay away from the halloween candy!!

    Hope it takes the edge off.

  2. Hope it gets you to green!! :)

  3. And don't forget the protein, vitamins, water. Some weeks I think I might be getting closer for a fill but then I remember I didn't drink any(and I mean any) water. And surprise, surprise, the hunger went away.