Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Did Someone Say, "Candy Corn"?!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! If I can't eat candy corn, you can be darn sure I'll wear it! I'm loving my new nail polish strips from Sally Hansen. Tip: I painted my nails white first, to support the white base color of this strip. I also cover with a clear coat, to increase wearing time.

Prices range from $7 - 10. I've seen them at all major retailers.


  1. Well I've always said, find a substitute! lol

    Cute for holiday.


  2. LOVE!!! I will have to find those!

  3. I want something like that! It looks awesome, they don't offer much of nail related stuff here, and the things they have are expensive. Gotta admit I have never had Candy Corn :O