Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Musings...

  • I enjoy seeing my new silhouette in the mirror!
  • I really liked HERE COMES THE BOOM with Kevin James. I usually don't like his movies, but this one was refreshingly funny, touching, inspirational.
  • Another advantage of my new lifestyle is that my son is eating better and moving more too. He eats less junk food (simply because it is not in the house), less soda (ditto), and he goes to the gym with me. I would like him to learn this lifestyle now, rather than when he's 40!
  • I can't wait until November, because the new James Bond movie comes out (Skyfall). I heart Daniel Craig.
  • Just watched an episode of Extreme Couponers (TLC). I want to save 97% on my grocery bill also, but I don't want to convert my spare room into a dry goods store! Honestly,  I would love to save that kind of money, but I cannot fathom having to store 80 Old Spice deodorants and 50lbs of rice.


  1. I can't wait for skyfall either!

  2. I like your humor. We would get along just fine! lol

    I love me some Daniel Craig and I can't wait to see the movie either!

    I'm a couponer but there is no way in hades that I have the time or mentality to be an extreme couponer! But I would love to have a year supply of toliet tissue!