Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dirty Girl Mud Run

I had a blast at the Dirty Girl Mud Run! It is a 5K marathon that has (muddy) obstacles throughout. Four of us girls from work joined as a team. I worked muscles I never knew I had. I got bruises upon bruises.  I found mud in places that just cannot be mentioned here. And I look forward to doing it all again next year!!

Pre-Race. Nice, clean clothes!
After the first mud crawl...

Me, white shirt in center. I still can't believe I scaled that wall.
 Proceeds went to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. About 7500 women participated here in San Antonio. Look for a Dirty Girl Run in your area; you won't regret it!

Me on left, with gals from work.


  1. Everytime I click on to your blog, it makes me smile. I love those pictures at the top.

    Congrats on the mud run! I know you are proud, I am proud for you!


    1. Thanks for reading. I put those pics on top because I want people to see that although I'm a big girl, it never held me back. I still like to have fun, travel, pose for pics, etc. I still live life to the fullest. But I want to have a LONGER life, so that's why I'm on my journey....

  2. Awesomeness!!! Lol on your comment to me, I tried to respond but couldnt email you!! stretchy pants bad idea!!

    1. Ya, now we know about the stretchy pants!!
      I've tried to send messages to folks here in blogland, but am unable. I wonder if I have to upgrade to GooglePlus? (which I won't--I'm too cheap!)
      I'm gonna do Dirty Girl again next year; it comes to San Antonio in December 2013. U gonna go again?

  3. Congrats on the run!!! That is awesome. What an accomplishment.