Sunday, December 30, 2012

Looking Forward to a New Year!

I am so excited about this New Year! I just know that 2013 will be the year that I achieve my healthy weight (150 lbs).  I have never weighed that 'little' as an adult, so I have no idea what I will ultimately look like.  I have been overweight since puberty.

Some Non-Scale Victories this week: 
  I fit into SIZE 14 jeans!!  OMG this is a biggie for me! I haven't been this size since the 1990s!
  I actually outgrew my size XL Spanx, and now fit into a Large. I love this camisole, it helps to contain the wobbly bits.

 I'm back on track since my Christmas Carb- High. And all my leftovers are protein (turkey & ham)!

I hope everyone has a great New Year celebration!


  1. I love your attitude. And I know with that attitude you WILL reach that goal.

    Congrats on the size 14. That's a great size. Good for you.

    Happy New Year to you also.


  2. Happy new year. You have an excellent outlook and will be back in onederland and down to your goal in no time.

  3. CONGRATS! CONGRATS! you are doing awesome and i know 2013 will continue to be successful for you!