Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch

Today I had the awesome experience of meeting some local Banded Bloggers! I met with Ashlee from My Lapband Adventure and Z from From Fabulous to Fit.  I also invited my friend and co-worker Valerie, who had the LapBand in June.
I've been following their blogs, so it was nice to meet everyone in person. We talked about relationships, working, shopping, and oh yea, our Bands. It turned into a two-hour gabfest! We finally got the hint to leave when the waitress offered to put our drinks into 'to go' containers. LOL
I look forward to meeting up with them again. If anyone else here in Blogland lives in the San Antonio area, reply to this post and I'll extend an invite next time we meet.

L to R:   Z, Ashlee, Karen, and Valerie


  1. awww, we should've taken a picture!!! well that just means we HAVE to get together again just to take the pic!

  2. Hehe, I'm Sarah Jessica Parker. :P But it was sooooooo fun, and we will take a pic next time, most definitely!

  3. I love getting together with fellow banders..we do that here in Arizona...I swear we always get kicked out for gabbing too long! lol! Yes, you need to take a group photo next time!

  4. LOL yes gang, DEFINITELY a group photo next time!! The SATC girls just don't do us justice, do they?!

  5. That is right those SATC girls don't have nothing on us gals LOL. Yes definitely a pic next time ladies.