Sunday, May 26, 2013

Let's Compare Lab Results!!

  I am thrilled with the change in my cholesterol levels!

  Last year in May, my TOTAL CHOLESTEROL was 205. Now it is 179! That is a change from 'Borderline High' to 'Desirable'. Yeah, go ahead, call me Desirable. I can get used to it.

  Last year my LDL CHOLESTEROL  was Borderline High at 132. Now it is 'Near Optimal' at 125 (Optimal is below 100mg/dL).

  And my TRIGLYCERIDE levels have stayed low, from 105 a year ago to 44 this year (Ideal is below 150mg/dL).

   I still need to work on my HDL levels (i.e. 'good cholesterol') which for some reason have decreased from last year's 52 to this year's 45 (above 60mg/dL is Optimal).  I am going to start taking some Omega-3 vitamins for my heart health.

  I am sure that these improvements in lab values are not coincidence. My diet has completely changed from fast food, high trans-fat foods... to a current diet that is high in lean proteins and vegetables. I rarely rarely eat fast food. And when I do, it's usually a salad! And I went from Couch Potato to Gym Rat.

  These NSVs just make me smile!!


  1. That's awesome! Mine are coming down, but those numbers are GREAT. You are my triglycerides idol!

  2. THIS is truly what it's all about! Congratulations! You earned it!

  3. Ive caught up on your blog....great read!! Well done you, a fantastic weight loss and brill lab results you must feel very proud! X

  4. I guess it would make you smile! Congratulations!!

  5. that is great...I really need to check mine!