Tuesday, May 7, 2013


My son and I had a *BLAST* on our Segway tour through downtown San Antonio. Here we are at San Fernando Cathedral.
The tour was great. I took to the Segway like the proverbial duck to water. I was surprised how easy it was to balance and to maneuver.
I would never have dreamed of getting on a Segway sixty pounds ago. At my top weight of 250 lbs, I avoided any 'precarious' activity. I was always afraid of falling on my fat a$$, breaking a bone, and being out of work (unable to support my son).
I look forward to more fresh-air activities as I become more fit & active!!


  1. What fun! And what a GREAT nsv!!

  2. Great Pic..you look like you had fun..enjoying life!

  3. How fun! We have one in Austin I've thought about doing. May have to try it the next time I have a babysitter.