Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nurses Week...and Thank You Governor Christie

   It's Nurses Week, so I've been showered with donuts and sweet treats. It would be rude to say no, n'est-ce pas?!

   That being said, I've been fighting the Hunger Demon quite unsuccessfully lately, so I had a fill today. 0.3cc's added, to make a total of 7cc in my 10cc band.  The Nurse Practitioner said this is the top end of where they like to be with this band. So if I continue to have hunger issues, or any other issues, she will do a barium swallow in two weeks. Otherwise, I'll have one done at my Bandiversary in July.
    I'm so happy that Governor Christie has gone public with his Lap Band surgery. Most of the news reports have gotten the information correct, saying that the band provides hunger control. I only heard one news agency get it wrong when they said, "The band prevents you from eating too much." No it doesn't. I can still eat a pan of brownies if I wanted to. The difference is, I don't want to.
    I say the more good press about weight loss surgery, the better. Just the fact that it encourages people to talk about it is a good thing. Obesity is an epidemic. Anything to combat obesity will prolong life and improve the quality of life.
    Have a great week, everyone! 



  1. A big thank you to you for being a great nurse (I just know you are!). Also, just read your posto n the segways and I would love try that!!! Awesome that you were able to do it with your son!

  2. I agree about Christie...I hope he continues to be a success

  3. Happy Nurses Week! I feel a little bad that Gov. Christie was kind of forced to go public about his lap band surgery. Mainly because I enjoy keeping mine private :-)
    I only have about 6.3 in my 10cc band, but that's mainly because I'm afraid to go any tighter and not be able to eat certain foods. Yeah, I still have fat girl priorities.

  4. My daughter told me to say something along the lines of I got the lap-band before Chris Christie made it cool... haha. I do have to say, in some of the WLS forums I read there has been some pretty negative responses to Gov. Christie. Many people were saying they were surprised that he had the statistically least successful WLS. Some people theorized that he did it because of the short recovery and could do it basically without anyone knowing.

  5. Happy Nurses Week...good luck not getting one of those beautiful sacrileges from Cinnabon. The funny thing about cinnamon rolls is, I swear I never crave them, never even think about them really. Until I smell them. Then they are my favorite food in the world and I need them or I will cut you :) Weird.

    I'm glad for anything that might put lap bands in the spotlight a bit more. I'm pretty sure everyone I know thinks "they make you lose weight."